Tuesday, July 30, 2019

5 New Coral Reefs- Keep Our Planet Beautiful

There’s a lot happening in the world, some good and some bad, and a lot of information zooming around the Internet.  It can be difficult to imagine that there are any secrets left, but once again, we are surprised by the natural world.  A team of scientists from the University of Veracruz and Mexico’s National Institute of Technology have found five new coral reefs that form a 310-mile corridor in the Gulf of Mexico.  How about that? It’s a great find, and a great reminder that there are still mysteries out there, mysteries that make our planet beautiful.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Talking to People with Different Beliefs

We all have strong beliefs, and it can be difficult - if not incredibly frustrating - when we can’t convince someone that our belief is the right one.  It’s equally as frustrating though to feel like we can’t even have a respectful conversation with people about different beliefs. What’s to be done? If you want to have productive conversations, there are a few things to remember: clarify what you are arguing about; ask why the other person disagrees; listen when the other person speaks; recognize the other person’s emotions; and attack arguments, don’t insult the individual.